ANPAC® Offers a Full Line of Coverages.

When you choose ANPAC and the Scott Turitto Agency, you get a professional agent who lives and works in your community, who understands your financial needs. Your local American National agent will meet with you personally to help you make sure your family's insurance protection has the right features for you, so that you're protected when you need it most!


TLC Tri-Line Coverage Discount From ANPAC: American National appreciates your business and we want to reward you with a little TLC. TLC stands for Tri-Line Coverage. Choose American National for your auto, home and life insurance, and you can receive up to a 15% TLC Discount on your qualifying auto and home coverages. Your premium savings is simply our way of rewarding you for trusting us with your three most important insurance needs:
Auto Insurance: Liability limits are the most essential portion of your policy. We will explain the benefit of having the proper limits as well as show you how little difference it makes in premium. Remember, your premium is meaningless if the proper coverage is not in place at the time of a loss. Again, that's where we come in, our "Personal Insurance Review" will make sure your coverage is up to date.
Homeowner's Insurance: The replacement value of your home is imperative. That's where we come in, by offering a complete "Personal Insurance Review" we will make sure your home is insured adequately as well as receiving all applicable discounts. We make a point of taking a personal interest in what is one of your most important assets.
Life Insurance: We all face two serious financial risks. Life insurance is a financial planning tool that addresses two of the most serious financial risks you face: the risk of dying too soon and the risk of living too long. In either case, life insurance can provide the right amount of money at just the right time. No other product will provide such a large, instant cash benefit-tax free-at the time it is needed most. You purchase life insurance for two basics reasons: either you owe someone or love someone or in most cases both.
Annuities: A popular choice in retirement planning, an annuity can provide retirement income that lasts a lifetime.  Fixed Annuities can offer you a safe and secure way to accumulate money by paying a lump sum or making payments over time with a predictable guaranteed interest rate and a stream of fixed income payments over the life of the annuity.